John Daly Gives PGA Championship the Cold Shoulder
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

On Saturday Daly tweeted this picture with the caption, “Me & Doc Whitelaw in my living room, icing my shoulder & watching some NFL.” When I saw it, I found it disturbing on several levels. But I was also amused. I mean, seriously now.

As you may recall, John Daly withdrew from the PGA Championship last Friday night due to a shoulder injury. He tweeted that he thought he had something called a torn “rotator cup.” Looks like injury or not, Daly, who was nine-over through 25 holes (cut turned out to be +1), wasn’t going to stick around for much longer — but that’s just me projecting, you know, off the cup. To everyone’s relief, turns out it’s just a strain, according to Doc Whitelaw.

Oh, by the way, the mural in the background is a victorious Daly on the 18th green at the ’91 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick.