Tiger and Foley, Together Again (Unofficially)
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Apparently on Tuesday when Tiger Woods and Sean Foley both said it was a “possibility” that they would work together in the future, they meant as soon as Thursday. In case you missed the BREAKING NEWS: TIGER WOODS PRACTICED WITH SEAN FOLEY AFTER 1ST ROUND report on the Golf Channel, now you know.

The GC showed video footage of Foley working with Tiger on his swing, but for some reason, there are no pictures and I forgot to take a picture of the TV in the media room earlier. My bad. But there was no question Foley and Tiger were behaving like a teacher and student on the practice range. Another party of Tiger’s entourage was present — Steiney!

But basically, the scene on Thursday afternoon looked similar to a picture I took on Wednesday. Just replace Steve Williams with Sean Foley and there ya go! Who’s got Photoshop skills when you need ’em? Oh, and that’s Steiney with his back turned to the camera.

Foley told GC’s Rich Lerner: “Nothing is official, just sharing ideas.”

In other words, it takes a few weeks for that paperwork to process and get Foley officially on the payroll. So in the meantime, Foley, who has three official students playing this week, was just giving Tiger some friendly advice in his spare time, and Tiger was practicing them in between rounds at a major championship.