Foley Won’t Drop Players for Woods
By Merf under PGA Tour

It seems that golf instructor Sean Foley and Tiger Woods are getting cozy on the driving range this week at the PGA Championship. If the two did pair up long term, it sounds like Woods would have a different relationship with his swing coach than he’s had in the past. Robert Thompson caught up with Foley at last month’s Canadian Open, and released a couple of interesting quotes.

Foley was asked whether he would drop other students such as Sean O’Hair, Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose to work exclusively with Woods:

“I’d never leave my guys,” Foley said. “Everything would be the same. You have to have equality in these things. You couldn’t throw a money figure at me – it is so ethically against what I’m about.”

Mahan gave an endorsement of Foley at the Canadian Open, saying Woods should be open to sharing a teacher.

As for working with Woods, Mahan said he didn’t think it was in Foley’s personality to work with one player and didn’t even make sense for Tiger. “Because I know Tiger has that policy … it would take a change, but if he doesn’t do it for that reason he’d be foolish.” Mahan says. ”They both live in Orlando, and it would be an easy fit. Sean is no dummy. He’d know how to handle him. It would be easy, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Tiger could make it a big deal, but it doesn’t need to be.”

If the two got together, Foley would also work on Woods’ attitude.

“The thing I try to do more than anything, and I’m fortunate to have these people work for me, is that look – we’re going to spend three hours on the range,” Foley said. “In five minutes it is going to be obvious how we should approach things. We then have three hours to work together. And the guy will hit a shot and say, ‘I’m such a (blankity blank).’ And I’ll say, ‘Let’s analyze that. Do you understand how language affects self-image? Do you understand we’re basically neuro programs based off nouns and adjectives that describe and label?’ And the player will say, ‘How do you know that?’ And I’ll say I used to be really insecure and hate life and want it to stop. I just didn’t want it to go on anymore so I figured I had two options – get out of life or get into life.”

What an odd quote. I wonder how Foley analyzes the golf swing.

[AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall]