What to Expect in Round One: Hopefully Just as Much Drama as the Preview Days
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

When was the last time the Tuesday and Wednesday of the PGA Championship bestowed such commotion and controversy that the preview days could be more exciting than the actual golf? And when was the last time there wasn’t a distinct favorite to win? Oh, how times have changed. I’m being facetious (kinda), but it’s been a strange week and oddly entertaining.

An excerpt from my piece over at the WSJ:

This year is already looking like the year Tiger Woods fell swiftly from his pedastal and became a mere mortal. There were the shocking revelations, his “indefinite leave” from the game, the Feb. 19 public apology watched around the world, etc. Not to mention his on-course meltdown, which culminated with his worst performance as a professional last week.

That brings us to this week and the championship where we witnessed the first tear in the Tiger Woods Teflon. It’s been a year since Y.E. Yang took down Woods in the final round of the 91st PGA Championship at Hazeltine, marking the first time Woods would lose a major after holding the 54-hole lead.

Oh, if we’d only had the imaginations to have conjured up what would unfold in the months ahead!

Woods will still be the main attraction Thursday morning when he tees off at 9:20 ET with two of his old nemeses – Yang and Vijay Singh. He’s had three days to practice and iron out his swing problems. But is that enough? It’s possible he found a band-aid fix for the time being.

And guess who is on Tiger’s first hole duty to bring you an almost-live report? Yours truly, of course!

[AP Photo/Eric Gay]