Jersey Shore, PGA Championship Edition
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

By now, you’ve all heard about the scuffle between Corey Pavin and Jim Gray. I thought Pavin and Monty’s press conference was amusing enough. Then I walk a little down the hall for a few minutes and suddenly there are fingers being wagged in faces and adults acting like pre-teens. But I can’t say I wasn’t expecting something to go down. Maybe there was something in the air, but from the start, the atmosphere was ripe for drama.

Here’s an excerpt from my write-up in the WSJ:

I had a feeling Corey Pavin and Colin Montgomerie’s press conference on Wednesday afternoon at the PGA Championship was going to be rather interesting and even entertaining. But no one could have expected the heated altercation between Pavin and Golf Channel reporter Jim Gray that came afterward.

Otherwise, I would have brought popcorn.

Apparently there are two things in golf that evoke intense emotions – Tiger Woods and the Ryder Cup.

Gray, whom you may recall as the interviewer in LeBron James’s cringeworthy made-for-TV special, reported Tuesday that Pavin told him Tiger Woods was a lock for a captain’s pick if Woods doesn’t qualify for the team on merit.


“Let’s straighten this out right now,” Pavin said when asked to clarify. “I had a conversation with Jim Gray yesterday just outside the locker room near where we registered and he asked me a few questions, and his interpretation of what I said is incorrect.”

Basically, Pavin has repeatedly been calling Gray a liar, which calls into question his integrity as a reporter, etc. I was thinking, dude, I have no idea what happened and I’m sure it was some sort of miscommunication, but is Gray really going to let Pavin drag his name through the mud? No way, right? I kept waiting for Gray to burst through the doors and confront Pavin during his presser.

I’m not sure who to believe, but for some reason, my gut sides with Gray. He’s covered enough big sporting events (like THE DECISION!!!) that he wouldn’t have anything to gain by lying. Well, who knows. It just seems like Pavin could have misspoke and then realized he screwed up, so he had to cover his butt and the easiest way is to use the “misquoted” (or “out of context”) excuse.

Besides, Tiger could come down with some freak season-ending accident, which would make him physically unable to compete in the Ryder Cup. As Pavin kept repeating, Sept 7! — that’s when we’ll learn who he taps for the four remaining spots on the team.