2010 PGA Championship: Days 1-3 in Pictures
By Stephanie Wei under General

When I saw this sign on Monday, I might have yelped because I was so excited. No, it’s not because I think the media center should be a bastion of luxury (and trust me, it’s not), but I have chronic back problems and as lame as this sounds, the combo of stress, walking, sitting, standing — basically, just breathing — gets to the point where the pain is almost unbearable by the end of the week. (God, I just sounded a lot like Phil in his presser. My apologies.)

I have yet to get a massage yet, but maybe I’ll take five minutes tomorrow. Thing is, it’s kind of awkward because the walls are glass and there are always people walking past since it’s the room next to the walk way toward the entrance/exit.

Enough of that because I’m pretty sure the last thing you guys want to hear about is a bunch of golf writers indulging in some deep tissue massage therapy.

Time for pictures of more interesting things.

That’s me! By the eighth hole! Since I’ve been by myself a lot this summer, I’m starting to get used to talking pictures alone. I still feel a little awkward, though. But here’s proof that I was at Whistling Straits. I’m sure my grandchildren will love that I have pics to accompany story time.

As you may have guessed, that’s Herb Kohler’s parking spot. It’s next to the generators and pretty close to the media center and club trailers. I would have expected something grander for Kohler. You know, like him flying in on a helicopter each morning. He doesn’t seem like the type to skimp.

Here’s Henrik Stenson, who Tiger should thank for being the only guy to play worse than him at Firestone, and his caddie Fanny Sunesson walking the course on Monday afternoon. This is the ninth hole. According to the marshal, it was Fanny’s second trip around Whistling Straits that day. She had been there at 7AM mapping out the course.

As Stenson and Fanny walked down the 9th fairway, a teenage boy with a club in hand, yelled, “Henrik, wanna take a look at my swing?”

Stenson looked over and acknowledged the kid with a smile and head nod, but didn’t stop.

Without missing a beat, the kid comically said, “Oh? No? Okay, no big deal, some other time!”

Boo Weekley and his caddie wear matching neon green shirts! OMG! I wonder if they planned it.

It’s hard to see, but this is just one of many examples of pointless bunkers littered across the course. Above those two boxes appeared to be an unused tee box at least 30-40 yards from any fairway. But bunkers have such a great visual effect and make it feel more like Ireland — or something like that — so, the more the merrier!

Padraig Harrington on the range with lots of machines, gadgets and computers in the vicinity measuring, recording and calculating his movement.

I kept trying to catch the attention of someone in Harrington’s entourage to ask what he was working on with all the gadgets. He hit shots from between those two black poles. Oh, I’m guessing it’s a drill to make sure his club is on the correct path.

The TaylorMade club trailer…I felt like a little kid in a candy store. I was told that Retief Goosen, Sergio Garcia and Rory Sabbatini had stopped by earlier to work on their clubs — they like to do it themselves.

For what it’s worth, Tiger and Hunter Mahan apparently have enjoyed hitting balls next to each other every day this week. (Stalls aren’t assigned.) Oh, Sean Foley is the guy in the khakis and white shirt standing behind Mahan with his back turned to the camera.

Tiger’s favorite drill!

More pictures below in the gallery. (Click to enlarge.)