Tiger Drills
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

If you were watching Tiger Woods practice on Tuesday, you likely noticed he was working on a drill. I watched Tiger hit balls for 30 minutes before his presser and just about every shot I saw him hit, Stevie Williams held a club to the right side of Woods’ head. What’s the point of this drill?

Well, obviously to keep his head still. When asked about working with Stevie to watch his head position, he said:

Well, I was just trying to keep my head a little more steady going back. It’s something that I worked on over the years. I’ve gotten away from that; the head was moving way too much for me and my golf swing. How I like to swing the club was, it was just moving too much.

So I tried to shore that up a little bit so that I can start going down down the line again start using my legs
again properly and it’s starting to feel a little bit better.

At least he knows what the problem is. The tough part is actually rectifying it.

It appeared Tiger was in good spirits as he chatted and shared laughs with Mike Weir throughout his practice sesh.

You know, I’m liking this Tiger Woods, the bad golfer. I was impressed with his press conference today. I actually thought he came across as very genuine (for Tiger, but who knows). He also struck me as humbled and more human than ever. I thought he was the most forthcoming he’s been since the whole sex scandal thing.

When asked what he’d learned about himself as a person and as a golfer this past year, he replied:

A lot. A lot. More so as a person than as a golfer. And I think that’s a private matter on how I’m going to look at it, but as I said, I learned an awful lot, and I learned an awful lot about my true friends in life and people that I know will be in my life forever.

We know that he’s a pretty good actor when it comes to dealing with the media, but I actually think he was speaking from the heart this time. But like I said, who knows. Oh, his usually dorky jokes were funnier than usual, too. Hope this Tiger is here to stay. It wouldn’t hurt if the old golfer Tiger comes back this week.