PGA Champions’ Dinner: Korean Edition
By Stephanie Wei under General

It’s PGA Championship tradition that the defending Champion hosts a dinner soiree of other players that have had the honor of hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy. On Tuesday night, Y.E. Yang made history as the first Asian-born winner to select the menu for the Champions’ Dinner. No, kimchee wasn’t the only dish served. So then, what Korean delicacies were devoured?

Via the PGA of America:

Every Tuesday of PGA Championship week, the defending Champion hosts a gathering of his peers who have also been fortunate enough to raise the Wanamaker Trophy in triumph. On Tuesday night in Kohler, Wis., Y.E. Yang of South Korea made history when he became the first Asian-born winner to conduct the Champions’ Dinner.

In the program provided to dinner attendees, Yang wrote that all PGA Champions “share a journey of some measure to arrive here and celebrate having earned a place at this table.”

Yang, who started in golf later in life in his native South Korea, earned his unique place when he outdueled Tiger Woods last year to claim his first major championship at Hazeltine National Golf Club.

For the dinner, the First Lady of South Korea arranged to have four of the top chefs in the country flown in to Wisconsin. The South Korean chefs worked with the executive chefs from the Kohler Company to prepare this three-course meal selected by Yang and his wife, Jessica:

* Japchae — a colorful dish made with glass noodles, carrot and spinach seasoned with soy sauce

* Modeumjeon — assorted pan-fried delicacies including halibut, mushrooms and zucchini with vinegar soy sauce

* Bulgogi with Vegetable Ssam — grilled slices of beef sirloin marinated with Korean barbecue sauce, cabbage and lettuce leaves with soybean paste sauce

The dessert, Soosam Daechoo Danja, is a ginseng and jujube sweet rice ball, served along with fresh fruit with ginseng candy.