This Sounds Familiar: Tiger and Foley
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

A couple of months ago, I wrote that Sean Foley might be next to be tapped as Tiger’s swing coach. People denied it. Foley called it “pretty stupid.” But looky here! — now it’s a “possibility.” Hmm…that picture of them in Tuesday’s practice round sure looks like some sort of coaching is happening.

Here’s an excerpt from my piece over at the Wall Street Journal:

Foley said Woods asked him to look at his swing and on two holes he filmed Woods’s swing, according to the Associated Press. When questioned if the two were working together, Foley replied, “I wouldn’t say that. But the possibility is there.”

“I did ask him to film a couple [swings],” Woods said Tuesday afternoon in his press conference. “I would like to look at it, which I did look, so I’m heading the right direction. So I’m pretty excited about that.”

Now is there a chance Woods will officially hire Foley?

“Certainly,” he replied without hesitation. “Certainly it’s a possibility. No doubt.” He paused as if he stopped to think before he continued and added, “But there’s also a lot of other coaches out there that’s a possibility, as well, that I’ve talked to. So I wanted [Foley] to have him take a look at it today on video and so I can take a look at it and that’s what we did.”

Gosh, blogs start such vicious, baseless rumors. I guess I lucked out for once.

/gloating shamelessly for looking like a genius

[Photo via LA Times]