Harrington Turns In Quote of the Day
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

You can almost always rely on Padraig Harrington for a good, thoughtful line or two. Here are his thoughts on the pecking order.

“Lee Westwood is the most consistent player in the world. Phil is playing the best golf in the world when he plays well. And Tiger is the best player in the world,” Harrington said. “That kind of sums it up.”

And what about Tiger’s recent dreadful play?

“It’d be a very naive and and a very foolish man to write Tiger Woods off,” he said.

I’ll agree with that. But I think he’s done for 2010. I don’t see his game miraculously turning around in less than a week, but hey, stranger things have happened — like his whole torrid secret life being exposed last November.

Tiger also had several good quotes after he posted 77 on Sunday and finished the worst tournament of his pro career.

“Shooting 18-over par is not fun,” said Woods. “I don’t see how it can be fun shooting 18-over, especially since my handicap is supposed to be zero.”

No, it’s definitely not fun. It’s humiliating and frustrating.

So, thoughts on Paddy’s words? Discuss.