Sahalee Challenge!
By Stephanie Wei under General

As luck would have it, I didn’t bring my clubs to Seattle. Of course, I got offered a spot in the “media lottery” — unless there’s a playoff, the Monday after a USGA championship is reserved for an outing, and to my understanding, there’s usually some sort of drawing you can enter.

I was thinking my chances might be decent considering there were fewer people at the Senior Open. As I was driving to the course on Sunday, I realized I’d forgotten to inquire about it and scolded myself for being a moron. But I’d been right about openings and a USGA official offered me the opportunity.

I joked to some colleagues earlier in the week that I’d probably get picked because I was tired of lugging my clubs to the airport, etc. Also, I think in the back of my mind I knew there would be an easy solution to the problem. I called my best friend Amy, who played for the University of Washington, and asked if I could borrow hers. Simple as that!

I am only disappointed I won’t have my driver. Amy says hers is good, which I’m sure it is, but clubs are weird like that.

Well, I’m going to shoot a million, anyway, so it doesn’t really matter (yeah, I know, with an attitude like that I will!). If I had time to prepare, I would consider playing from the championship tees to see if I could break a 100. But that’s not happening. I’m sure I’ll have enough trouble playing the regular ones.

Shotgun start at 8AM!

[Photo by John Mummert/USGA]