Langer in the Lead
By Stephanie Wei under US Senior Open

First-round leader Bruce Vaughan pulled a Rory McIlroy and posted an 82 in the near dark on Friday evening at Sahalee to drop to a tie for 40. Meanwhile, despite waiting through the morning fog, which suspended play for two hours, Bernhard Langer pushed forward vigorously with a 68 to take a two-stroke lead at the US Senior Open.

Fresh off a victory at last week’s Senior British Open, if he can hold on to the lead, he will be the first player on the 50+ tour to win consecutive majors since Tom Watson in 2003.

“Langer is doing lunges on the greens and flexing his muscles,” I typed half-jokingly to a friend, who replied, “He’s in ridiculous shape. He’s a slightly more wrinkled version of his 30 year old self.”

I can’t remember that far back because I wasn’t alive yet. But apparently that’s not far from the truth (see Exhibit A). How does Langer explain it?

“Some might be genetics, some might be that I work out, and I kinda watch what I eat, not all the time but most of the time, and I’m a pretty active person,” he said. “When you put all of that together with a good metabolism, it helps.”

Well, he must work out a lot, right?

“It changes,” Langer said. “When I’m home I work out a lot more than when I’m on the road, so I can’t tell you how much because it’s different every week. But I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I get plenty of rest, I make sure I get about 8 hours of sleep, so all of that over the years probably helps.”

So there you have it. Which also means I’m totally screwed — I’ll probably be pushing around a walker by the time I’m 45.

[Photo by John Mummert/USGA]