LPGA Girl Next Door Calls French Gallery a “F*@&ing Circus”
By Stephanie Wei under LPGA

America’s golfing sweetheart Morgan Pressel let one of those pesky F-bombs fly in the final round at the Evian Masters. On the 14th hole, Pressel, known for her fiery temper, was set to hit from the greenside bunker. She backed off and frustratedly asked the shutter-happy fans to “please put the cameras away.” But apparently her request was lost in translation.

As she regrouped and stood over the ball, the camera clicking resumed. Her caddie angrily chided, “Enough!” With her hands on her hips, Pressel once again backed off and glared at the gallery, saying, “Are you kidding?! It’s like a f*cking circus.”

“Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu,” as one announcer lamented. (My God, My God in French.) And the other chirped, “We need a little translation, I think.”

How do you say the f-word in French?

Now we can’t blame Pressel for her frustration or for her language per se. (I mean, imagine if we had a camera and boom mic on us when we’re playing.) But where were the Golf Channel producers on that one? No time to bleep it out? Apparently not even for the tape-delayed replay. Whoopsie!

Pressel ended up hitting a beautiful bunker shot to about six inches and saving par. Well played. But unfortunately for Pressel, who entered the final round leading by two, couldn’t hold off Jiyai Shin and lost by one stroke.