Amy Winehouse, Golf’s Newest Addict
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Sun is reporting that British soul singer Amy Winehouse is taking up golf in attempt to distract herself from booze and drugs.

The singer ventured on to the fairway for the first time recently and liked it so much she plans to take up the game.

A pal said: “She played nine holes and loved it, she had a natural swing. Amy wants to learn how to play properly.”

Interesting choice of hobbies to pick up considering the goal. You know, since it seems like alcohol and golf go hand in hand. But hey, good luck with golf, Amy (and keep a bottle near).

Odds are she’ll be headed back to Rehab — even if she said no, no, no, and won’t go, go, go.

Good afternoon! I never get sick of this song.

/dancing on the couch in underwear.