Tiger Woods Can Still Make It Rain
By Merf under Tiger Woods

Sports Illustrated’s annual listing of the 50 highest-earning American athletetes came out, and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are 1-2. But outside of being one of the top two golfers of this generation, the best money is being made by NFL rookies. Matthew Stafford ($27.65 million) came in 11th, while Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jason Smith, Tyson Jackson and Mark Sanchez all cracked the top 50. No other American golfer (not a surprise) made the list.

Woods won more than $20 million (Thanks, FedEx Cup!) last year, and made another $70 million in endorsements, even though he was dropped by Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture. (I suspect both his earnings and endorsements will be much lower next year.) Mickelson was second, but nearly $30 million behind Woods. Mickelson won almost $10 million, and added another $52 million (!) in endorsements. The next closest American athlete in endorsements is LeBron James with $30 million.

That’s about all for the golf news from this story, but it’s fun to go through the list and relive all of the terrible contracts that teams are still stuck with.

[AP Photo/Tim Hales]