Oosthuizen Fires Caddie, Then Rehires Him with 7-Shot Lead on Swilcan Bridge
By Merf under British Open

Remember that harmonious, black and white working together, post-apartheid South African partnership of Louis Oosthuizen and his caddie Zack Rasego? The two of them teaming up to win the British Open on Nelson Mandela’s birthday was that much more symbolic and endearing.

Well, the Monday before the British Open, Louis Oosthuizen told Rasego that the two would split up after St. Andrews.

How did Rasego take the news?

“I just did my job,” Rasego said. “I am a caddie. It’s all I’ve wanted to be.”

Rasego has caddied for Oosthuizen for seven years, and the two had risen to the brink of the top 50 in the world. But it took Oosthuizen’s career-changing win to keep Rasego on the bag for another week.

Six days later, Oosthuizen and Rasego walked across the Swilcan Bridge, knowing the Claret Jug would be at the end of the walk. Proud South Africans the both of them, Oosthuizen looked at Rasego and said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Turns out Shrek isn’t so mean after all.

[AP Photo/Jon Super]