Watch Round One of the British Open With Me [Update]
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

UPDATE: Go here for the LIVE BLOG.

Virtually, of course! Now I had hoped we could all gather at Dunvegan’s over a few pints as I type lyrical about first round action, but unfortunately, the logistics just didn’t work out.

So, here’s a fantastic alternative — come hang out with me over at the Wall Street Journal’s Daily Fix, where I’ll be live blogging starting at 10AM EST/3PM GMT. We can also chat in the comments section. (To clarify, you don’t need a subscription to access the blog or comment, the content is free.)

In fact, this is a very special occasion besides being day 1 of the Open at the home of golf. This will be my first time live-blogging a tournament and it happens to be this major at this venue. I couldn’t ask for more. Yeah, that sounds weird, but I love this live-blogging stuff. In the past, I’ve done it vicariously through Golf.com’s Mike Walker, where I send him my enlightening comments via gchat for him to post.

Well, guess what? Now we’re going to have competing live-blogs! But not really! For some odd reason, Mike is starting at 7AM EST. Um, who the hell is up that early? Okay, fine, bankers and traders, but thing is, they’re dealing with the morning market rush at that hour and can’t be bothered yet.

Meanwhile, I begin at a much more reasonable time — 10AM — when the less miserable people (kidding!) are also at their ho-hum desk jobs. Clearly I’m rambling. Whatever, I encourage you to visit Mike at 7 and then promptly ditch him at 10 to join me.

I promise I’ll do my best to entertain you while you pretend you’re working. I mean, you’re going to procrastinate one way or the other, so you might as well watch with me. After all, this is the Open Championship at St. Andrews.

More fun tidbits and treats later. I wrote a little preview for the WSJ and I will post an update with the link as soon as I have it, but most of you are still sleeping, anyway. (And guess what? I’m still jetlagged!) For now, here are some pretty pictures from the week. Seriously, there’s no better place to be than the Open at St. Andrews. Even if it’s torrential downpour and the wind is howling at 50mph. I mean, what else do you expect? That’s what partly defines the British Open — you know, just like the US Open is a trainwreck and the players all want to gouge their eyes out by the end of the week.