WSJ: Why Crappy Weather Sucks More at St. Andrews
By Stephanie Wei under British Open

I brought an extra rain suit, but I wasn’t aware that long underwear, wool sweaters, gloves and therma socks were also necessary in July. I literally couldn’t feel my fingers and toes in the media center. But that’s my own fault. Good thing the B&B is only a dogleg par 5 from the media center!

Speaking of which, I was trapped in there tonight because it was raining so hard it would have washed me away. Maybe. The security guard advised me to wait it out. I took half a step out the door and a rain drop the size of a meteor smacked me in the face, propelling me back inside.

Here’s the opening to the post I wrote over at the Daily Fix on why weather matters more at St. Andrews.

Forget the odes to the course: the 139th Open Championship will be dictated by the weather. When it’s warm, sunny and mild – much like it was early in the week and in 2000 and 2005, the last two times the Open was at St. Andrews — the Old Course is left defenseless to prime scoring conditions.

In Scotland there’s always the possibility of gusty, rainy and cold weather. Like on Wednesday when torrential rains and strong winds came into play. In other words, it was miserable, which deterred most players from taking one last practice round before the tournament officially begins.

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[AP Photo/Alastair Grant]