Somebody Get John Daly a Beer
By Merf under British Open

John Daly hasn’t had a top 10 in a major since he won the 1995 British Open. In fact, he’s only made the weekend four times at the British Open since beating Costantino Rocca in a playoff.

But Daly will forever be a member of the eclectic British Open champion fraternity, and he’ll continue to get invited to photo ops like these.

So that’s Padraig Harrington standing on the left, Daly in the middle and Woods on the right. Roberto de Vicenzo is sitting on the left, Lee Trevino is frozen there in the middle and Tom Watson is on the right.

Daly’s one-track mind desperately needs a drink. Woods is not only sketched out by the technicolor zombie Daly, but also that Watson is sitting directly in front of him. Maybe Woods could be more uncomfortable if Elin was also raising a 9-iron above her head. Maybe.

And then there’s Harrington, amused at the whole situation, just like the rest of us would be.

Old Tom Morris is rolling over in his grave.

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[AP Photo/Alastair Grant]