Why We Call It The British Open In These Parts
By Merf under British Open

Soccer or football? Depends on what country you live in, right? We (the American media) call the Open Championship the British Open because that is AP Style. It’s that simple. The bible of American journalism decided to call the Open Championship the British Open, so keep your fingers away from the caps lock key. And the AP’s Doug Ferguson isn’t slapping golf history in the face by calling it the British Open.

We are an American-centric media. (See World Cup and Formula One coverage.) The Open Championship might have been the first of its kind, but there are at least 10 tournaments with the name Open on the PGA Tour schedule this year, including this week’s Reno-Tahoe Open. So when you say “The Open,” it’s not immediately clear what you’re talking about. And according to AP Style, the U.S. Open can be shortened to just “The Open” on second reference. Blasphemy!

Hey, we’re all golf fans here, and we know it says the Open Championship on those big yellow scoreboards. But we’re gonna call it the British Open. Cool?