Goydos Lifts, Cleans and Places His Way to a 59
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Sheesh, I step away from the computer for a few hours and something actually happens in the Quad Cities. Thank God I have so many vigilant friends that texted and/or emailed me with the breaking news. (LeBron who?) By now, you’ve all probably heard that Paul Goydos posted a mind-blowing 12-under 59 in the first round of the John Deere. But one thing most reports neglected to mention is that the “lift, clean and place” rule was in effect.

While a 59 is still an impressive score since, you know, it’s not like he could move the ball closer to the hole on the green and making putts played a pretty crucial role, it’s debatable whether Goydos’ round was “legitimate.” But he was playing within the rules. I’ll let the golf purists bicker this one out. What do I think? Eh, he played really well.

Even Goydos himself said he had an advantage (his entire presser is worth a read). “I got my ball in hand was a big benefit. I don’t shoot 59 without ball-in-hand, I don’t think.

“Yeah, that’s just a mythical number in our game. There’s been four I want to say. Two of them now have been when the ball is played up, myself and Mr. Geiberger. I don’t really know the circumstances of Chip Beck’s 59 in Las Vegas. To me, David Duval’s 59 stands out so far from every other one. He shot 59 the last day to win by one. That’s just an unbelievable feat that really isn’t talked about at the level it probably should be talked about.”

At least Duval is still ranked number one for something.

Well, hats off to Goydos for reaching the holy grail. 59! Even with ball in hand.