Charles Barkley Offers Too Little, Way Too Late
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Just a few months ago, Charles Barkley wanted everyone to get off Tiger’s back. Even though Barkley was frustrated he hadn’t received a call from Tiger in the first few months after the scandal broke, he was there for his boy. He also denied any knowledge of Tiger’s extracurricular activities (cough…BS…cough). According to NBC Sports, Life & Style Weekly chatted with Barkley at the opening of Casino Club at The Greenbier, and it appears his opinion on the matter has shifted.

Via Out of Bounds:

When asked what Woods’ next move should be, the ex-NBA star told Life & Style his longtime pal should ask wife Elin Nordegren for forgiveness.

“He owes his wife an apology,” Barkley said. “He made a mistake.”

Soon-to-be ex-wife — I believe would be more accurate. Given that the reports claim Tiger and Elin’s divorce should be finalized any day, I think it’s a little too late for apologies. Plus, Tiger did say he was sorry at his awkward state of the union speech, where he apologized to Elin in front of basically everyone in the world.

But that’s not the point — in the past, Barkley thought his buddy was making a mistake by not coming forth and quelling the rumors.

Despite urging Woods to apologize to his wife, Barkley still lends Tiger his support: “He’s my friend no matter what. I don’t judge other people, only God can.”

Does that mean Barkley is still waiting for Tiger to return his call? And he is aware that Tiger is Buddhist, right?