Another Headline I’m Tired of Writing: Mickelson in Position to Overtake Tiger as Number One
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

While Tiger trekked back to Florida to practice and hang with his cubs, Phil Mickelson is playing in this week’s Scottish Open with yet another opportunity to oust Tiger from his throne as number one in the world rankings. He just needs to win or finish second. (Good luck!)

As he faced the media on Wednesday, he spent the entire press conference wiping blood from his right eyebrow. The first question he fielded was, “Have you walked into a door or something?”

“Yeah, one of the other players and I just got in a little tiff there,” Phil joked. “I don’t know what happened. I just scratched myself accidentally there. But we must carry on. No, I’m all right.”

So silly, Phil! But, um, maybe someone should have offered him a band-aid or something.

Anyway. Naturally, he claims that toppling Tiger from atop the world rankings isn’t important to him — he just cares about winning the tournament. (But that would also make him number one…) Via ASAP Sports:

It would be cool but it’s not something I think about yet. I’m just trying to get my game sharp. I always felt like if I play well enough, the results would happen. But that would be cool, more because I’ve come so close to winning this tournament, and it would mean a lot to me to break through and finally win and that would be the result of that.

I’m sure it’s never crossed his mind. Oh, come on. Of course, if he were given the choice to win the British Open (where he’s historically fared poorly) or be number one, he’d probably take the Claret Jug. But with the ego Phil has, it’s impossible that he wouldn’t also love to take over Tiger in the rankings.

So, can Phil finally do it this week? Hard to say, but with his record in the UK, I’d say doubtful. And you never know which Phil will show up this week.

[Photo via CNN.com]