St. Andrews, Here I Come!
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

As I said my goodbyes to friends and colleagues at Pebble Beach, I was repeatedly asked, “Are you going to the British?” or “I’ll see you at St. Andrews?” I replied, “Uh, probably not, I’d love to, but unless I get a gig, then doubtful.” I considered trying to, but I figured the deadline to apply for media credentials had probably long passed (not to mention it’s unlikely the R&A gives them to lowly bloggers) and a trip to Scotland isn’t exactly in the WUP budget.

Apparently, covering the Open at St. Andrews was in the cards for me, and I guess there aren’t too many available freelance golf blogger/writers at the eleventh hour. I received a call last Monday from someone at an international English-language daily print/online outlet, who wanted to talk about me helping them out with some of the bigger tournaments this summer.

“I know this is short notice, but would you be able to go to the British Open?”

Um, let me think about that for a second.

/checking calendar

“Yeah, I guess I could swing it.” But we had to wait to hear back about those pesky credentials. For eight long days, I woke up every morning to frantically check my email. Finally, on Tuesday, I got word that I’d been approved. Hooray.

Good thing I haven’t unpacked my suitcase from the Wei Under Tour — I knew my negligence would come in handy!

For the most part, I’ll be writing at the other outlet, which will include multiple blog posts a day, live-blogging some of the action, and perhaps a print article or two. But don’t worry, WUP will still be up and running! — Merf will be covering for me and I’ll re-post the ledes/links to my hired work here. I can’t reveal where you can find my work yet, but don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough. God, I know the anticipation must be totally killing you.

Someone pinch me — I’m going to cover the Open Championship at St. Andrews. Imagine that! Dreams do come true. Or something like that. I leave on Sunday evening and arrive to Edinburgh on Monday afternoon.

By the way, if anyone can suggest the best way(s) to get to St. Andrews from the airport, I’d be much obliged.