Trump Breaks Ground on “World’s Greatest” (and Most Controversial) Golf Course
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Donald’s contentious billion-dollar golf resort project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is underway despite the protests of angry Scots, Tilda Swinton and environmental groups.

After nearly five years of negotiations, nine planning applications, nuisance tactics, threats of compulsory purchases and name-calling, The Donald stood pompously atop a sand dune and gloated as bulldozers barged in to start work on building “the world’s greatest golf course for Scotland and for the great game of golf.”

And then he emptied a can of hairspray into what’s left of his hair and five more into the sky.

Trump also declared his people were developing “the finest piece of land” he’s ever seen with promises to turn it into a “national jewel.” The course is supposed to be finished by 2012 and apparently Trump would like it to host an Open Championship. More from the Herald Scotland:

Some 40% of the site includes the Foveran Links, which is a designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Further phased planning applications to build a 450-bed hotel, 500 residential homes and 950 holiday apartments are expected to follow.

But the members of the Tripping Up Trump (TUT) movement continue their effort to thwart The Donald’s plans:

One of the TUT protesters is British filmmaker and Labour peer David Puttnam, who has bought a plot of land on the Menie estate in a bid to frustrate its development. He said: “This saga is the real-life version of a film I made over 25 years ago. Local Hero had a happy ending when the American developer came to his senses and withdrew with dignity. It would be great if Trump would watch it.”

Sorial said the question of compulsory purchase would not be raised until the hotel phase of the development. He said: “It’s not something we’re terribly concerned with at the moment.

“I don’t think any reasonable developer would spend hundreds of millions of pounds to build a hotel overlooking a slum.”

Just like any reasonable Menie resident would prefer to see views of the pretty Scottish coast rather than a bunch of wealthy white guys in khakis waddling around in their backyards.