Tiger’s Worth Is Worth a Second Look
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Forbes’ SportsMoney column is challenging Wednesday’s report in the Sun that Tiger’s divorce will cost him $750 million. According to Forbes, which has been tracking his earnings since he turned pro in 1996, Tiger isn’t even worth that much.

Last year Forbes reported that Tiger was the first athlete to reach $1 billion in cumulative earnings. But the figure was calculated before taking into account the percentage the IRS, IMG and other members of Team Tiger receive for their services.

Tiger’s worth is actually closer to $600 million.

TMZ is also alleging that Elin will not receive anywhere close to $750 million, according to an unnamed source. But apparently the divorce is a done deal as soon as it’s filed.

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for the courthouse in Orange County, FL, where the divorce paper are expected to be filed.

So, how much will Elin get for keeping quiet? I’m guessing enough to live comfortably and buy at least a chunk of Sweden.