Tiger, Do You Swear to Tell Something Relatively Close to the Truth?
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

[Ed. Note: Before anyone starts ranting, the headline is purely satirical.]

The New York Times is reporting that federal authorities have interviewed Tiger Woods in their investigation of Dr. Anthony Galea, who has been accused of smuggling and treating athletes with performance-enhancing drugs. It was the second round of interviews that authorities are administering with Galea’s former patients. This spring baseball players Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes and several football players were questioned.

In several press conferences earlier this year, Tiger has admitted to receiving Plasma Rich Platelet therapy, a legal blood-spinning procedure, from Dr. Galea, who treated him at Tiger’s home in Florida.

Via the Times:

The authorities are seeking to use the statements of the athletes to build leverage against Galea, who has denied providing players with performance-enhancing drugs. Galea is also facing charges because, although he is licensed to practice medicine in Canada, he does not have a license to do so in Florida.

What Woods told the authorities is not known, but his statements could become public if they are used in documents related to the case or if he is asked to testify at a trial.

The investigation of Galea in the United States is being led by federal authorities in Buffalo, although the interview with Woods did not occur there.

And here’s a comment from Mark Steinberg, Tiger’s agent, to the AP via email:

Tiger willingly spoke to the authorities and cooperated fully. It was confirmed that because he did nothing illegal, he is not the subject of any criminal investigation. Because there is an ongoing investigation involving others, there will be no further comment.

Is that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him, Buddha?