No Bus Tire Tracks on Stevie, Says Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Tiger Woods claims the relationship between him and his caddie, Stevie Williams, is not strained despite the comments he made after the final round of the US Open that were broadly interpreted as critical.

After storming off the course the other week, he scolded himself for going against his instincts and indirectly blamed Stevie for giving him the poor advice. “Stevie said take dead aim right at it, and in my heart I said ‘no’. There was no chance,” Tiger said. “I have a sand wedge in my hand, and I can’t play at that flag. You land the ball on the green, it will go past the flags.”

On Tuesday afternoon at Aronmink Golf Club, the site of the AT&T National, where Tiger is the defending champion and the former host until AT&T cut direct ties with him, he said in a rolling-my-eyes tone:

There’s no tension there, not at all. You guys are reading way too much into it. I was asked what happened out there, and I made three mental mistakes out there, three mistakes I don’t normally make. Do Stevie and I make mistakes on the golf course? Of course we do. We’re not perfect. We made mistakes at the wrong time. It happens. It is what it is. We’re great competitors and we both want to win. I just made a couple mistakes, and hopefully that won’t happen this week and we can win an event.

Right. He just corrected himself by saying “we” instead of “Stevie.” And then he took personal responsibility by using “I.” That’s practically a retraction and an indirect apology. Therapy can work wonders, huh!

But remember the last time there were rumblings about tension between a member of Team Tiger? I’m talking about Hank Haney, obviously. Interesting that Tiger said everything was fine between the two, and then the next day, Hank (allegedly) dumps Tiger.

Speaking of swing coaches, Tiger was also asked about how Tiger the student and Tiger the teacher were getting along. “I’m using video,” he explained. “Video does a lot. If you can get the proper angles, it’s pretty simple whether the club is on plane or not, very simple.”

Well, do you have another set of eyes?

“The camera,” he replied curtly.

Maybe I’m just, you know, reading too much into it, but his responses were almost awkwardly abrupt. Who knows, he could always be working secretly with Sean Foley. It sure wouldn’t surprise me.

[Photo by Allan Henry/Golf Chronicles]