Fight, Fight, Fight!
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

No, I’m not referring to the rendition of Mean Girls being carried out by former European Ryder Cup captain Nick Faldo and his successor, Colin Montgomerie. And it’s probably just going to get cattier — sharpen your claws!

Instead, here’s something you don’t see very often at a golf tournament.

I was sitting behind the 15th hole on Sunday when a ruckus broke out in the gallery on the right side of the green. Corey Pavin and Matt Jones were on the green and they had just waved up the group behind them to hit up — Bubba Watson and his playing partner (sorry, I forget who it was).

Just seconds after Bubba had hit his drive to just right of the green, I heard someone yell, “What the F*%k!,” followed by noise ensuing from a disagreement. I couldn’t see what exactly happened, but I’m assuming one drunk fan didn’t like the color of another drunk fan’s khakis, which was necessary for punches to be thrown.

As the altercation was being settled, Pavin, who had a four-footer for birdie, shook his head and stared into the gallery while he waited to putt out. Within a few minutes, a cop showed up and then people started clapping when it became clear a peace had been brokered.

After Pavin sank his birdie putt, he walked off the green and approached Bubba. The two shared a laugh. I wondered what they said — perhaps Bubba was asking Pavin for a spot on the Ryder Cup team if he chipped in? It seemed trivial, but I was curious, so I asked Pavin during his press conference.

He just informed Bubba that he missed the excitement of an almost brawl. Yawn.

But, you know, with all the beer consumed on Sundays, I’m actually surprised there aren’t more fights at tournaments. Oh wait, sorry, I almost forgot — like golfers, golf fans are more civilized than the average human being.