Communications Team Correctly Predicts Bubba’s Win With Cootie Catcher
By Stephanie Wei under General

First of all, some of you are probably wondering what the hell a cootie catcher is. Remember when you were like in fourth grade and you’d write on a piece of paper the names of guys or girls you had a crush on and then fold it in a way so it looks like the picture above on the left? A person manipulates the position of the flaps a few times and then you see which name it lands on to answer your omni-important question.

You may have called it something else, like a paper fortune teller.

On Sunday afternoon, Brian from the communications team jokingly asked if anyone in the media room wanted to go watch Bubba Watson eagle the 15th. I took him up. He went on to explain that during the communications team’s dinner on Saturday night over the past three years, they’ve developed a ritual of predicting the winner of the tournament with the cootie catcher. They’ll put in 8 names — the top 7 on the leaderboard and a wildcard of their choice.

Last night they decided Bubba had the best chance of going low today, so they picked him. When we were watching him play the 15th, Brian added that if Bubba won, then the cootie catcher would have correctly predicted the winner two of the past years — the 2008 cootie catcher happened to forecast Stewart Cink’s win.

Afterward, when asked where the victorious 2010 cootie catcher was, I was told it was in a safe place.