Rickie Fowler’s Orange Polish Power
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

It’s no secret Rickie Fowler isn’t afraid to sport flashy all-orange outfits on Sunday — which he does in honor of Oklahoma State, where he attended college for two years before turning pro. But what you may not have known is that the numbers and etchings on the back of his clubheads are also colored in orange.

After Rickie signed for his 68 on Saturday at the Travelers Championship, I said to him almost immediately, “So, you paint the writing on your clubs.” He replied, “Yeah, with nail polish.”

When I first noticed the orange-colored etchings, I asked his caddie, Joe Skovron, if Titleist had them professionally done. He explained that Titleist does, but he said something about how the orange doesn’t turn out clearly, so Rickie paints over them with nail polish.

Wait, on his own?

Yep. He hand-paints every little detail on them and retouches them when needed. I’m actually quite impressed with his handiwork, not to mention patience. Look closely at how tiny all those dots are in the PUMA Golf logo carved across the back of his wedges!

That’s dedication, folks.