Next Stop on the Wei Under Tour: Travelers Championship
By Stephanie Wei under General

Oh yes! The picture above is the glitzy media tent at Pebble Beach and the view from my workspace on any given day. See, I’m not kidding when I say it’s filled with lots of balding, middle-aged guys! And obviously, I enjoy them.

I’m traveling all day on Thursday from Seattle to Hartford for the Travelers Championship. I know it’s not as glamorous as the US Open at Pebble Beach, but I’m excited for the change in pace. I figured I’d stop by on my way back to NYC. After all, it is almost a home game.

Chances are you’ll find me riding on Jerry Foltz from the Golf Channel’s cart on Friday. By the way, I popped out my thumb per Jerry’s advice last week at Pebble and I didn’t have much luck.

Please treat this as your first-round open thread. Hopefully I’ll have WiFi on the plane and get to follow along.