Your US Open Final Round Open Thread
By Stephanie Wei under General

Good afternoon! First things first, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, especially mine.

Who’s ready for the final round of the US Open at Pebble Beach? I am! Wait, it’s Sunday already? No! I don’t want this week to end!

Can Dustin Johnson hang on? Will Tiger Woods, who has never come from behind to win a major, to pull off the biggest victory of the century? Will Graeme McDowell break Europe’s 40-year winless streak at a US Open? Will Gregory Havret play his way out of anonymity and replace Jean Van de Velde as the most well known French golfer? Will Phil Mickelson get out and win one for the dads? Thoughts on Ernie?

My pick? I like DJ. He’s hitting it too good and has the perfect mentality to actually win. Simple as that. And then it will be a win for the youth movement! Who you got?

Finally, the course setup — DJ might need to hit a 2-hybrid instead of a 3 iron to drive the fourth green today. And the pin on 17 should evoke some fond memories from Tom Watson. See below for sweet fist-bumps and hole-by-hole info.

Hole 4 – Tee markers moved up 13 paces to measure 318 yards to the center of the green and 325 yards to the back hole location. The hole should play downwind.

Hole 5 – 205 yards to a back-right hole location. Properly played tee shots should “feed” back to this location. This hole should also play downwind

Hole 7 – 92 yards; the front portion of the front teeing ground was used in combination with a back right hole location in the “finger” that juts out. There should be a right-to-left wind. Additionally, we spread the tee markers out 13 paces (normal width is five paces) to allow player to choose their angle of play, e.g., choose the left side of the tee to better play to the flagstick or choose the right side to play away from the ocean.

Hole 12 –   203 yards to a far-left hole location. This hole should play into a headwind.

Hole 14 – Tee markers moved up 30 paces and kept on the right side of teeing ground to allow players the possibility of carrying the last drive-zone bunker on the right (roughly 270 yards, but into the prevailing wind).  However, this will require the player to curve his ball rather dramatically from left to right, due to the cypress trees that block this angle of play. The hole location is in the back right of the upper-left quadrant – the most player-friendly location on the green.

Hole 17 –  219 yards to the approximate final-round hole location from the 1982 U.S. Open. The hole should play with a right-to-left wind.

Hole 18 – Tee markers moved 30 paces forward to play 513 yards to the center of the green.  The hole should play dead into the wind and therefore the tee was shortened to encourage a bit more risk-reward. The drive zone is narrower at and beyond the two fairway trees, which will bring the ocean on the left and rough on the right more into play. The hole location is front left – just two or so paces beyond the false front portion of the green and only several paces from the hazard on the left.

Same deal as yesterday, discuss whatever you’d like. Fist-bump!

[Photos by Allan Henry/Golf Chronicles]