Poulter to USGA: the Seventh Pin, WTF?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Irked with an unlucky bounce he got on the par-3 7th at Pebble Beach in the third round, Ian Poulter unloaded his frustration to NBC’s TV cameras.

One announcer said, “I don’t think he knew the camera was on him!” The other announcer disagreed, “I think he did.” Oh, I have no doubt he was well aware, especially because, well, he’s Ian Poulter.

It’s US Open conditions, Poults, and nearly impossible pins and hard bounces have been happening all week. But maybe he should just watch the footage of Dustin Johnson’s shot on the 7th. Somehow DJ, who apparently just plays really well at Pebble Beach regardless of the setup or conditions, stuck the ball.