Your US Open Round 2 Open Thread
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

The second round of the US Open begins cooler, foggier and cloudier than the first. The morning wave of players are already out battling Pebble Beach with most hoping for a better day than the last. The slightly heavyset Brendon de Jonge and Graeme McDowell share the lead at 2-under. Seven players trail closely at 1-under. Tiger Woods posted his first birdie of the tournament on his second hole, the 11th. He’s 1-under through 7. Maybe the greens miraculously became less bumpy overnight. Maybe Phil Mickelson, who tees off at 1:36pm, will make all of his birdie putts inside 12 feet. And maybe Chris Berman won’t poison your ears on the telecast (by the way, how is the broadcast so far?).

Before I leave you to banter amongst yourselves (I’ll be checking in from time to time), here are some Round 2 setup notes from the USGA:

Hole 2 – tee markers moved forward to back of next teeing ground.

Hole 5 – 178 yards to a front right hole location; left side of tee used.

Hole 7 – 114 yards; back right portion of tee used to a back left hole location.

Hole 12 – 177 yards; the penultimate teeing ground was used (24 paces forward of tee sign) in combination with a hole location tucked right over the front bunker.

Hole 14 – tee markers moved up 13 paces, which may allow a few players to carry far right bunker off tee if headwind is not too strong.

Hole 17 – 210 yards

Hole 18 – tee markers moved up 20 yards with a back left hole location. Players may have the option to reach the green in two if westerly headwinds are not too strong.  (Note: Yesterday this hole was set up as a three-shot hole with tee markers back and hole tucked behind bunker).