Here’s All You Need to Know About Tiger’s Presser: “It’s None of Your Business”
By Stephanie Wei under General

While I knew I wasn’t going to miss anything groundbreaking in Tiger’s press conference, I admit I was curious. So was Damon Hack. Like the dorks we are, I pulled up the transcript on my BlackBerry, which I had received via email, and we skimmed through it. And then we got over it. But I really enjoyed this part:

Q.  On the basis that all our professional lives, all our professional lives, are affected by our personal lives, can you tell us if you’ve got any resolution one way or the other with Elin yet?

TIGER WOODS:  That’s none of your business.


Aside from that, his neck is feeling better, but it’s still a little sore. His game compared to Augusta is “way different.” “I’ve played so much more since then,” Tiger said. “I only had a few weeks to get ready for Augusta after being off for quite awhile.  Now I’ve been playing tournament golf basically since April.  So, yeah, it’s just much different.”

I’m not sure if he means good or bad different.

And then there was this:

Q.  Is it harder mentally [to win majors after you hit your mid-30s]?

TIGER WOODS:  Is it harder mentally?  Well, I think that you sort of have more things in your life.  You have family.  A lot of these guys started doing golf courses all around the world, business, other business ventures started popping up.  And you start taking time away from practice…

Family? Where’s…oh, my bad. It’s none of our business.