Entourage, US Open Edition: Pros and Their Posses
By Stephanie Wei under General

I was trawling the practice areas, like I usually do on Mondays when I’m at a tournament, just trying to get the lay of the land (which is huge, by the way). While I was trying to take pictures with my new non-crappy real camera, I noticed a theme — I couldn’t get clear shots even inside the ropes because almost every player was surrounded by a group of dudes.

Like in the picture above, somewhere behind that mob is 18-year-old Ryo Ishikawa, who was patiently sitting in a chair while reporters, handlers, equipment reps, coaches, family, friends and pets hovered. You get the point. Okay, so Ryo’s case was (obviously) a tad more intense than the others, but still, just see for yourselves…

Here’s Vijay Singh — who actually appeared rather chatty. Perhaps he was defending the case for his special exemption? You can’t see, but he was holding his arms up like he was explaining something. Or maybe it was more like WTF. I didn’t want to blatantly eavesdrop.

Hunter Mahan sharing a joke with his caddie, John Wood, and two other guys.

Dustin Johnson practicing his chipping — forget the range, he’s throttling his driver and hitting darts inside 150 yards.

Toru Taniguchi (if I remember correctly — sorry, it’s been a long day) asking about his club position.

Zach Johnson working on his chipping while he silently prays for Robert Garrigus and his family.

It’s not just the young guys! — Stuart Appleby lining up an iron shot on the range.