Rachel Uchitel’s Long Lost Son
By Stephanie Wei under General

I was begrudgingly running errands on Saturday afternoon with possibly the worst hangover of my life. While I was in perhaps the worst mood ever and just trying to walk down the street without hurling, I actually laughed when I saw this man, who I presume is homeless, holding the sign, “My Mother left me to be with Tiger Woods.” I gave him a dollar and he was happy to pose for me. I mean, poor guy.

For the love of God, my head won’t stop pounding. Still. I have a flight out to Pebble Beach tomorrow morning. So I’ll see you guys there. Hooray. By the way, my site is getting a little face lift and should go live sometime on Saturday (when I’m on the plane). For various reasons, I had to switch from Tumblr to WordPress (sad!), but for those following me on Tumblr, I think my feed should still show up on the Dashboard (according to Karp). There will be new features/upgrades/etc. that I’ll be rolling out with in the next few months. But for now, please let me know what you think of the (partial) redesign, which you’ll see before me, and the new WUP logo. Oh, I also picked up my business cards yesterday. Very exciting!