Tiger’s Greatest Hits
By Stephanie Wei under General

As you may recall, a few spectators got in the way of Tiger’s errant drives during the final round of The Memorial. The guy who was whacked on the first hole has apparently achieved some sort of fame (15 minutes!) and went on a radio show in Sacramento to talk about his painful experience. I smell a potential lawsuit…maybe.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On what it was like to be hit by a Tiger Woods’ drive:

“It was a dog-leg to the right and we were on the far left side. There were actually trees blocking our view of the tee. We were out about 230 yards. Most of the drives were going 20-30 yards more than that. The drive came up short. It just nailed me. It felt like sticking my finger in a light socket and just holding it there. The camera man sits on the other side of the fairway. You can sit there and watch the cameraman because he can track the ball pretty well off the tee. I was watching that, but of course it was coming right at me.”

On if he is still in pain:

“Yeah. The muscle right in the area underneath the skin is, like if you push on it, it’s like you pulled that muscle in the neck. It didn’t bruise, but it did swell up and I put ice on it right away. I did have a gold chain on. One of the guys said that the gold chain might have protected it.”

On talking with Tiger after getting hit:

“I put my hand out, shook his hand. He said, ‘Sorry about that. I can’t give you my ball, but I can give you my glove. So he took out a pen and signed his glove and took it off and handed it to me and shook my hand.”

An absolutely riveting encounter! I mean, groundbreaking that Tiger actually took the time to speak with the fan and sign a glove. If memory serves me right (it fails sometimes), Tiger bashed someone with a ball last year at the Buick Open or WGC-Bridgestone and didn’t even check if the fan was okay. And look at him now — he’s a changed man! (Ed note: God, sorry, I’m obviously bored this evening.)