John Daly in a Legal Rib Cage Match
By Stephanie Wei under General

Here’s a new tagline for John Daly: Grip it and rib it.

The Palm Beach Post reports that John Daly, who often gripes about his financial turmoil via Twitter, is suing the Honda Classic and its beneficiaries, including a children’s charity, for a rib injury he sustained while playing in the event in 2007. He’s asking for $100 million in damages, claiming that the recurring pain has permanently harmed his game.

Daly filed the suit after a woman taking pictures jumped in front of him in mid-swing, which caused him to abruptly stop his swing because he feared harming or even killing the woman. He then felt his rib cage pop out. According to the legal documents, this happened after Daly and others asked security three times to boot her from the course.

Oh, wait until you take a look at the complaint, which reads almost like parody (see document below). Here’s an excerpt:

On the third occasion, John Daly’s agent told security the patron was security risks. After the third time, security came to the hole where Plaintiff John Daly was about to drive. Prior to the drive, security guards took control of the patron that was the security risks, but did not remove her from the area and did not remove her from the course and let her go prior the incident. While John Daly was in the process of driving the ball, the woman jumped in front of him. In mid-swing he saw the woman directly in front of him. In order to avoid hitting her with either the driver or the ball and to avoid killing her or causing serious damage to her, he had to stop his swing, as a result he was injured.

Daly blames the injury for forcing him to withdraw from several tournaments and resulted in “mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, medical treatment, loss of earnings, loss of ability to earn money.” Plus, these losses are “either permanent or continuing and Plaintiff will suffer losses in the future.”

I sympathize with those who suffer from recurring injury and usually come to their defense. I feel for JD and would like nothing more than to see him win a major again (which probably won’t happen because of this pesky rib problem), but I don’t think a children’s charity should have to pay for whatever wrongdoing the security guards are allegedly responsible for.

Here’s a question for the lawyers reading: does JD have a legitimate case and/or any chance of winning? If so, let’s think of what grief and suffering could be impinged on those innocent kids, who receive aid from the Children’s Healthcare Charity to enhance their welfare and health. Oh, what a bad, bad PR move by JD. Again.

John Daly vs. PGA National Resort & Spa Complaint