Khan Comes Out Smelling Like a Rose
By Stephanie Wei under General

Interestingly enough, because Justin Rose won The Memorial, England’s Simon Khan has been added to the US Open field.

On Wednesday the USGA announced that Khan, who finished as first alternate at the sectional qualifier in Surrey, England, has accepted the spot that became available because the winner of the Memorial had not won a PGA Tour co-sponsored event in the past twelve months.

And this is where it gets more interesting.

The USGA reserves two spots in the field for any player who won multiple PGA Tour co-sponsored events between June 21, 2009, and June 13, 2010. One remaining spot is still available should the champion of this week’s St. Jude Classic have more than one victory in that time period. In other words, if Nathan Green wins, then he’s in — which is hilariously ironic considering he bailed on the qualifier because, well, basically he’d rather watch the World Cup than play poorly in the US Open.

Question now is if Green wins, does he accept the spot or pass it up to chill out on his couch?

In the case Green doesn’t collect first place, then the first alternate from another qualifier gets in the field. So who is rooting against Green this week? Via email from the USGA:

The reallotment list (which we do not make public) would determine the next alternate should the double winner category not apply after Memphis.

While it’s not public info, it’s my understanding that the first alternate is aware of his standing. If I’m Green, I’d watch out for my knees in Memphis.