Nathan Green’s Priorities: World Cup Beats Out US Open
By Stephanie Wei under General

Get ready for this one, golf purists! Australian Nathan Green pulled out of the US Open sectional qualifier in Memphis because he’d rather be watching soccer’s World Cup.

When he realized the effort it would take — either hiring a private jet or driving through the night — to get to the qualifier in time after completing play at The Memorial, where he placed 41st, he decided the cost wasn’t worth the potential payoff.

Via The Age:

”I’m really not that interested in playing it [the US Open],” said Green, the 2009 Canadian Open champion. ‘I’d rather sit home on the couch and watch soccer than beat my head against a brick wall for four days.’

“‘It’s a tournament I don’t enjoy playing in, even though you want to play a major,” he said. ”I’m probably better off spending a few weeks at home working on my game anyway. It’s never bothered me what people think about what I do.”

Some would call his attitude realistic, others would regard it as defeatist and the rest would say it’s a big middle finger to the USGA. There’s also the argument that PGA Tour players make too much money, which have made them complacent. Green has earned approximately $5.9 million in his career on Tour. I just respect him for having the balls to be so candid. But Green clearly doesn’t care what people say, so judge away!

Besides, he’ll be having the time of his life watching the World Cup from the comforts of his couch — and he’s earned it.