US Open Preview: Caddies Carry the Conversation
By Stephanie Wei under General

Excited about the US Open yet? It’s nearly a week away. And I leave for Pebble Beach in six days! Like OMG!

Well, to get you all almost as revved up as me, here’s an awesome preview that Doug Ferguson from the AP put together — six of the best PGA Tour caddies give a “tour,” describing how each hole at Pebble will probably play during the week of the event. In the video below, Jim “Bones” Mackay, Phil Mickelson’s caddie, discusses the 8th hole, which is arguably “one of the greatest second shots in golf.”


*Holes 1-3: Tony Navarro (Adam Scott)

*Holes 4-6: John Wood (Hunter Mahan)

*Holes 7-9: Jim Mackay (Phil Mickelson)

*Holes 10-12: Mike “Fluff” Cowan (Jim Furyk)

*Holes 13-15: Bobby Brown (Dustin Johnson)

*Holes 16-18: Steve Williams (Tiger Woods)