Five Years Later
By Stephanie Wei under General

Who’s married? Who has kids? Who’s gotten pudgy? Who’s gotten a boob job? Who’s gotten hot? What are the chances 99% of people are lawyers, doctors, bankers or soon-to-be Nobel Peace Prize winners?

All questions I’m wondering as I’m running out the door to catch a train to New Haven for my five-year reunion — which signifies I’ve been out of college for more years than I spent there. More important, what this really means is that I’ll be spending the weekend pretending I’m back in college. Oh, you think I’m joking? Not at all. Yale throws all the reunion attendees into a dorm and provides us with booze and food, so we can drink and party (and act like idiots) like it’s 2005. Brilliant!

I had just gotten over the fact my days at Yale were over and I need to grow up. Kinda. You know what actually makes me feel old, though?

Watching the recap of Rickie Fowler’s round.

The 21-year old rookie fired a six-under 66 for a two-day total of 13-under, tying the 36-hole record at Memorial set by Scott Hoch in 1987. Rickie currently leads by four shots with half the field still on the course. Impressive!

Meanwhile Tiger Woods shot three-under 69 with six birdies and three bogeys to easily make the cut. Wow, how times have changed! I mean, it’s actually news that Tiger is playing the weekend.

“It was decent today,” he said. “I hit more good shots today than I did yesterday and really putted well today. I had five lip-outs [on putts] today, so it could have been a really good number.”

Anyway. Whatever. Here’s to COLLEGE! And blood in the streets in the town of New Haven…