Monty Caught Cheating!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Hmm…I wonder what Colin Montgomerie and Tiger Woods are whispering about in this picture.

The European Ryder Cup captain confessed to his wife Gaynor that he had an affair with a former neighbor and lover, Joanne Baldwin.

In a statement via the UK’s Daily Mirror, Monty apologized:

“I have put my marriage under ­considerable strain but we are working through these problems.

“I am very sorry for the hurt I have caused to the ones I love so much.

“I would ask that my family and I are given the space and privacy to continue trying to resolve the issues. I will be making no further comment.”

Yeah, no one really cares either. At least Tiger won’t feel like the only philanderer at the Ryder Cup this summer — you know, if he makes the team. And big newsflash: Golfers cheat like lots of men do!