Via the Inbox: An Interesting Offer From a Stranger
By Stephanie Wei under General

I get a lot of emails from readers and as you may imagine, some of them slide into the creepy category, several are just dudes being dudes, and of course, there’s the occasional hate letter. But more often than not, I’m entertained by some of the more off-beat notes (like this one) and humbled by those who have kind words.

This afternoon several people have been directed to my site via Mike Walker’s live blogging over at Golf.com — and for some reason, I’ve received some rather interesting emails in a short period. I’m in a sharing mood, so buckle up, guys!

Here’s a nice offer from Alex:

Hi Steph,

I linked to your blog from golf.com and saw that you are trying to raise funds to attend the US Open. If you’d like to use that money for a much more interesting trip you could join me and some friends who are  going to St. Andrews for the British Open. I spent some time at the university there and have friends who still live in town and have offered up a place to stay. If you can get over there (my total travel costs, plane from Philly to Glasgow and train to St. Andrews, totaled around $1200) you’re welcome to join us.

I have another friend who works for the R&A and can score free tickets. We’re probably going to get in a couple rounds of golf as well. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks for the email and offer, Alex. While I’d love to go to St. Andrews, I’m set for Pebble. And your trip sounds like a blast, but I was taught not to go places with strangers. I’m sure you and your friends are harmless, though, and I appreciate the generous gesture.

Now, an angry email from someone self-described as “White, heterosexual, male, believe in God, have morals and values,” who was apparently very peeved by an article I wrote, like, four months ago. Because of the ten-page rant, here are excerpts:

Point # 3:  Your ranting and complaining about a very tiny/miniscule part of our American culture is typical of people who are unappreciative of the other 99.9% this great American society has to offer.  Maybe you need to return to your roots in China and start a ‘Girls-Only’ golf club to make yourself feel better.  Oh, my mistake, China, being Communist, would never allow that to happen.  In fact, doesn’t your ancestral country murder people for disagreeing with their government.  Hmmm…might be a good idea for you to stay here and whine away.  After all, we would hate to see a Yale educated, sporty, and “fiesty” person like yourself waste her talents in a country where you would be unable to freely comment in a magazine such as AG or ESPN…

Point #5:  I have “penis”, and have been told quite large…jealous?

Totally. He added, “Hope I pissed you off.” No, not really. Sorry you wasted your writing that award-winning essay.

And finally, here’s one from Oz:

“I was a competitive golfer for 10 years.”

Translation:  I have another job.

Alternate Translation:  I suck at golf.

Alternate, Alternate Translation:  ‘HANEY PROJECT!’

Alternate, alternate, alternate translation: I competed as a junior golfer and played sucky college golf. My apologies for being vague. As for the Haney Project? No thanks. I’m happy with the poor man’s version of my formerly decent swing.

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? But that’s all for now, folks. Thanks for the emails, guys. Keep ‘em coming.