The Dating Game Canceled
By Stephanie Wei under General

In case you missed it, an “insider” gabbed to US Weekly that Tiger’s legal team has instructed him to abstain from dating until the “imminent divorce” (yes, those two words are next to each other in print, and yes it is a gossip rag) is finalized. Hmm. Can’t those messy things take months or even years? And can someone from Team Tiger Legal clarify the difference between “dating” and “banging”? Those lines have a proclivity for blurriness, which lends to miscommunication and sometimes yelping.

“Elin’s building a character case [based on his serial philandering],” the insider says. “Elin’s team is watching [Tiger’s] every move.”

Her goal? “She wants more money than Michael Jordan’s ex got,” another source says, referring to the former NBA star’s $168 million payout to his ex-wife.

Oh, she best be getting more than that. According to Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times, Elin is asking for “an estimated $750 million package” and full custody of the couple’s children.

Was bedding allegedly 121 women worth it? No way. But more often than not, when you mess up, you pay up. (Just ask Jim Nantz.)

Meanwhile, US Weekly also reports:

As for custody of the kids Sam, 2, and Charlie, 15 months, “They’ll share it,” says the insider.

“But she wants permission to take them to Sweden whenever she wants.”

Doubt Tiger will let that happen. I think most of us just want whatever helps get his golf game back on track. But this whole dating ban has me thinking. Call me crazy, but maybe there’s more than just Tiger’s golf game needing a tune-up. I mean, I’m just saying…think about it.