Wilson and Calcavecchia Visit Hospital, Calc Zings Ping
By Stephanie Wei under General

I know I took some shots at Mark Calcavecchia last week, but the man made me smile today — because of a story PGA Tour rookie Chris Wilson shared with me on Tuesday.

Both Wilson and Calc have close ties with the Columbus, OH, community, where this week’s Memorial Invitational is being played. The rookie is the hometown boy and the veteran, who is making his final start on the PGA Tour, met his wife Brenda, a Columbus native, in 2001 at the event.

Wilson and Calc popped by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital to visit with some patients in the head and neck rehab center.

The two spent two hours chatting with the kids, along with playing Nintendo Wii and putting with them on a mini-putting green. Wilson also brought along five Cleveland hats to hand out and sign for the kids.

When they dropped by one patient’s room, Wilson presented the girl with an autographed hat. Calc, who came empty-handed, quipped, “I’d give you a hat, but Ping is cheap and didn’t give me any because they pay Hunter Mahan too much.”

I laughed.