Happy (Unofficial) Start of Summer!
By Stephanie Wei under General

For those of you who have a three-day weekend, enjoy. You know, play some golf, get some sun, thow back a few dozen beers, stay away from the computer, etc., but if you’re American, don’t forget to take a moment to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

As for me, I’m leaving in a few hours to catch a plane to the Florida Panhandle — which I’m told is basically Lower Alabama — for my good friend Keri’s wedding. I’ll only know two people and one is the bride. (This is where you make jokes, like “weddings are a great place to meet people,” blah blah.) With my luck, I’ll be seated next to the Calcavecchias.

(Yes, that was a joke.)

But the best cure? Weddings have open bars. Thank God. I mean, the bar even opens 45 minutes before the ceremony. (Looking forward to awkwardly drinking by myself in the corner.) Amazing. And it takes place at a house on the beach. Awesome.

Anyway! I’ve never been to the Florida Panhandle and unfortunately, I won’t have my clubs, but if you have any suggestions on how I should spend my Saturday (wedding isn’t until 6:30), please pass them along. Otherwise, I have no problem laying out, taking naps, watching movies and maybe even reading, like a book. I’m considering leaving my laptop — gasp! — at home.

I’m just thrilled to see my friend get married and I’m looking forward to meeting her soon-to-be husband (finally). Congrats, Keri and Grant!

Before I rush to the airport (and pray I make my flight), please treat this as your weekend open thread. Best story/comment/whatever wins a copy of Christina Kim and Alan Shipnuck’s book, Swinging from My Heels. Oh yeah, I haven’t announced the winner of the last contest yet. I’ll take care of that next week.

And one more thing, knowing me, I won’t be able to stay away from my damn blog, so I’m sure I’ll check in over the weekend. I mean, without my clubs — and besides exploring the town, which will probably take, oh, I dunno, 20 minutes tops — what am I going to do all weekend by myself in northwest Florida?

Have a good one, guys (and gals). Cheers!