This Is What It’s Like to Play Golf With George W.
By Stephanie Wei under General

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we may have a few more Bushisms to add to the list.

Golfweek’s Jeff Rude recently played a round at Dallas National Golf Club and it just so happened that President George W. Bush was also teeing it up that day. Rude was playing ahead of Dubya, who eventually played through, noting the former president had an entourage of eight carts filled with men in black riding along for the day.

“Playing with Dubya appears to be three things: Fun, fast and safe,” Rude wrote.

And here’s my favorite line that made me chuckle:

During one posed shot I took of Bush and a friend, I said, “Looks good.” He playfully shot back, “No it doesn’t. You can’t B.S. a”

That’s actually pretty funny and I mean it in a nonpolitical way. Rude was even there to give Dubya rules advice:

After he scuffed a chip just short of the green, he looked at me and said, “There’s mud on my ball. Can I wipe it off?”

I had been introduced to him as a Golfweek writer. Now I was playing rules official.

“I suppose you have some sort of presidential privilege,” I said.

Sigh. I hope Dubya was being facetious. (After all, I’ve heard he does like to play a caricature of himself.) Otherwise, I’m embarrassed to be a fellow Yale alum. Before Bush-fans heads explode, I’m just kidding. Well, kinda. Honestly, I’d love to play a round with the 43rd president of the United States. I mean, as long as he doesn’t promise me that we’re not going to have any casualties, then it sounds like it’d be a fantastic time. In fact, it actually might be more entertaining than golfing with President Obama — not that I’d ever turn down such a privilege. Duh.